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Attendance Matters

22 days ago

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Prompt and regular attendance is an important part of school success.  Tardiness and absences negatively impact both the individual student and their classmates. Tracking student attendance is required by law.   Below is a brief summary of attendance procedures that will help us work together for the benefit of your child.

  • Parents must contact the attendance office to excuse an absence.  Please be sure to give enough information to clearly identify your child, the day or time you are excusing, the reason your child is out, and your name, relationship with the child, and contact information.  Parents have five days to excuse an absence before it stands as unexcused.
  • Valid excuses for absences include: illness/injury, medical, dental, or court appointments, a death in the family, religious holidays, family travel, school-sponsored travel/activities, and true emergency situations.   Please note that excessive absences, even when they are excused, can impact grades.
  • The school will attempt to contact families by phone each time there is an unverified absence.  You can designate which number (home, work, or cell) by contacting the attendance office.  Please update your contact information if it changes.  Note: Our student information system, PowerSchool, allows you to monitor your child’s attendance in real time online once you have requested an ID and password.
  • An attendance letter will be sent to you if your child reaches three and seven unverified absences and/or aggravated tardies in one class.  Your child will be referred to an administrator after ten unverified absences or aggravated tardies.
  • Students may lose credit in a class after 10 unverified absences.
  • Students who arrive late or leave school outside of normal hours must check in at the attendance office.   Please call, email, or send a note if your student needs to leave school early for an appointment.  
  • Students are tardy if they are not in the classroom at the beginning of the period.   An aggravated tardy (which is treated as an absence for attendance letter purposes) is more than 5 minutes late to class.   
  • A Family Planned Absence form must be filled out for preplanned absences, such as family vacations, club team travel (as opposed to school sponsored activities), or wisdom teeth extractions.   Parents should send a signed note or email listing the missed dates to the attendance office in order for their student to pick up the form.  The form requires students to get signatures/homework from all teachers, a parent’s signature, and an administrator’s signature.  Please start the process 7 to 10 days before the absence in order to have time to complete the form and submit it before the absence.   Where possible, families should plan extended travel during school breaks.  If, due to circumstance, it is impossible to plan it during school breaks, families should check in with their child’s counselor and/or teachers at the beginning of the semester to see if it is possible to complete the course with the absence.  Extended absences may require a student to take correspondence courses or alter his/her schedule for that particular semester.

I look forward to serving you and your students.  I work hard to get to know as many students as I can. 

I care about their success.  Please feel free to contact me if I can be of help in clarifying attendance procedures.                                                                                                                 

 Toni DeSanto