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JDHS Principal's Corner

2 days ago

A message from Principal Casperson

This month our staff and students have taken a moment to pause in recognition of Dr. Walter Soboleff.   Dr. Soboleff was an influential member of the Juneau community, and a fierce advocate for education.  Every November the Juneau-Douglas City Museum and the Juneau Public Libraries provide notecards to the public for writing letters of encouragement and gratitude.  JDHS proudly includes this as both an advisory lesson for all students and as a staff meeting activity to honor Dr. Soboleff’s legacy.  As we enter the final four weeks of the semester, and the holiday season, we want to take intentional moments like this, to continue our collective mission of kindness and support for one another.  I encourage you, our JDHS families, to also slow down this month to provide someone in your life with a note of appreciation or support.  Dr.Soboleff lived a life of service, of advocacy and of acknowledgement for those who both paved the way for him and those who lifted him up on his journey.  

This newsletter coincides with the end of our second progress reporting period.  That means, in school speak, that we have four weeks of instruction remaining and then final exams.  For your planning purposes I will include the exam schedule below.  After final exams the winter break will be upon us, with just over two and a half weeks of time away from school.  These next four weeks are critical for your student.  We want them to end in the best place possible for attaining credit and earning their academic marks.  

We do have a Super Saturday coming up in early December, if your student needs an extra chunk of time to complete schoolwork. Please also make note of the December 3rd 9-12 event, here in the JDHS library.  Super Saturday provides a space, and some tutor support, for the final pushes in the semester. 

JDHS Final Exam Schedule:

Monday December 19th Tuesday December 20th Wednesday December 21st      

9:15 - 10:20 Enrichment 9:15 - 10:20 Enrichment  9:15 - 10:20 Enrichment

10:25 - 12  Exam Period 1 10:25 - 12  Exam Period 3  10:25 - 12  Exam Period 5

12 - 12:55 Lunch 12 - 12:55 Lunch  12 - 12:55 Lunch

1:00 - 2:35 Exam Period 2 1:00 - 2:35 Exam Period 4  1:00 - 2:35 Exam Period 6

2:40 - 3:45 Enrichment   2:40 - 3:45 Enrichment              2:40 - 3:45 Enrichment