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Academic Decathlon


Karina Reyes

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December 2018

Congratulations to the JDHS Acadeca students who competed in Craig during the Southeast Regional Academic Decathlon Tournament Academic Decathletes spent this past weekend proving how much they know about this year’s comprehensive curriculum on The Sixties, a Transformational Decade.   

Three JDHS decathletes were the highest scoring competitors in this regional tournament:   

Overall 1st place:  Alex Eagan

Overall 2nd place:  Claire Scott

Overall 3rd place:  River Reyes-Boyer

Additionally, every JDHS student decathlete placed in the top ten at least once in a subject test:

Essay – Alex Eagan 4th; Eva Sturm 9th

Math – Richard Corpuz 1st; A. Eagan 2nd; Murphy Delgado 3rd; Nicole Mannix 4th; Claire Scott 5th; River Reyes-Boyer  6th; Finn Yerkes 8th; Cody Roomsburg 9th

Social Science – A. Eagan 1st; C. Scott 6th ; N. Mannix & R. Reyes-Boyer 7th (tie); F. Yerkes 10th

Science – A. Eagan 1st; C. Scott 5th; F. Yerkes & M. Delgado 6th (tie); N. Mannix, R. Reyes-Boyer, George Corpuz 10th (tie)

Art – C. Scott & R. Reyes-Boyer 1st (tie); E. Sturm & A. Eagan 3rd (tie); Abram Lazo & Julian Quiere 6th (tie); M. Delgado 8th; Anna Wayne 10th

Economics – A. Eagan 1st; R. Reyes-Boyer 2nd; C. Scott & M. Delgado 3rd(tie); F. Yerkes & N. Mannix 6th (tie); G. Corpuz 7th

Literature -   C. Scott 1st; E. Sturm 6th; A. Eagan 7th; R. Reyes-Boyer & M. Delgado 8th (tie); N. Mannix, A. Lazo, & R. Corpuz 9th (tie)

Speech – C. Scott 3rd; A. Lazo 8th; N. Mannix 10th

Interview – F.  Yerkes 2nd; A. Eagan 5th

Music – M. Delgado 1st; C. Scott 2nd; R. Reyes-Boyer 3rd; A. Eagan 8th; J. Quiere 9th; A. Wayne 10th

December 2017 

Acada-Deca takes on SE Alaska!

Congratulations to JDHS Academic Decathlon Students!  Over the weekend, 65 students from Southeast high schools competed in the Southeast Regional Academic Decathlon Tournament held in Ketchikan on December 1 & 2, 2017.  This year’s theme is AFRICA .  Our students did exceptionally well.  Six JDHS decathletes placed in the top ten of the entire competition.  For this to happen, students needed to be consistently high scorers in multiple subjects: essay writing, literature, art, history, music, science, math, economics; additionally, they needed high scores in their speeches and interviews.   
All JDHS decathletes placed in the top 10 in one or more competitive event. 
  • Alex Eagan  - First Place overall in the tournament; 1st place in Math, 1st in Science; 2nd in Economics, 2nd Music, 3rd in Science, 2nd in Art; 8th in Essay
  • Gillian Smith — Second Place overall in the tournament; 1st place in Art; 2nd in Literature; 4th in Social Science; 4th in Music; 5th in Economics, 5th in Science, 5th in Math; 7th in Speech
  • River Reyes-Boyer — Fourth Place overall in the tournament; 1st place in Interview; 2nd in Art; 2nd in Science; 3rd in Music; 4th in Speech; 6th in Economics; 7th in Math; 8th in Literature
  • Claire Engstrom — Sixth Place overall in the tournament; 2nd place in Art; 2nd in Speech; 3rd in Literature; 7th in Music; 8th in Math
  • Theo Houck — Eight Place overall in the tournament; 3rd place in Essay; 3rd in Music; 4th in Math; 4th in Art; 7th in Economics
  • Nicole Mannix — Tenth Place overall in the tournament; 1st place in Essay; 6th in Speech; 7th in Math; 8th in Music; 9th in Art; 9th in Literature
  • Janessa Goodman —1st place in Speech; 7th in Art; 7th in Econ; 8th in Literature; 8th in Music; 10th in Math
  • Kaitlyn Rapp — 6th place in Science; 6th in Essay; 7th in Math; 8th in Music; 9th in Literature
  • Ramiro Garcia — 5th place in Literature; 7th in Math; 10th in Music; 10th in Science
  • Ethan Gilbert — 10th place in Interview

If you know any of these students, congratulate them when you see them.  If you have questions about the program or know of any student interested in joining the team next year, let me know.  
Karina Reyes
JDHS Acadeca Advisor

Congratulations to ACADECA 2016-17

The JDHS Academic Decathlon team brought home 21+ medals and $2000 scholarship and placed 4th overall in the 33rd annual GCI Alaska Academic Decathlon state competition.  They won third place in the Division 1 super quiz challenge which requires in depth knowledge of all the academic subjects.  Additionally each member received the Fleetwood Achievement Medal which recognizes the school that had the highest percentage of improvement from the previous year’s competition (67% or 14,000 points more than last year!). 

Congratulations to the following students:

In the honors category:

Gillian Smith won $1000 scholarship; silver medal in Literature, silver in interview, bronze in music; iPad mini for top scorer in team 1

Emme MacDonald won gold in Interview

Alex Eagan won gold in Science, silver in Economics, bronze in Social Studies

Janessa Goodman showcased her speech which won a gold in the honors alternate category

She also won a gold medal in math & gold in essay

Raven Ward received an iPad mini for highest scorer in team 2

In the Scholastic Category:

Matthew Woodland won silver in Math

Finn Yerkes won bronze in Science

Tasha Elizarde won gold in Literature, bronze in Art

In the Varsity Category:

Theo Houck won $1000 scholarship; gold in Literature, silver in Speech, silver in Music, silver in Interview

Nowielle Corpuz won bronze in Science


January 2017

Congratulations to the Academic Decathlon team at 2nd tournament of year.  5 JDHS students placed in the top ten for the Southeast Regional Competition held in Metlatkatla this weekend.

First place with a score of 7,050:   Gillian Smith (and the only one to break the 7,000 mark)

2nd place with 6,540 points:  Theo Houck

5th place with 6,165 points: Thomas Kappler

9th place with 6,014 points: Alex Eagan

10th place with 5,952 points: Tasha Elizarde

November 2016

CONGRATULATIONS to the Academic Decathlon team who finished strong in the first Southeast Regional tournament of the season held here at JDHS.  Seven JDHS students placed in the top 10 overall highest scoring student decathlete ranking.
Gillian Smith: 1st place in Essay, 2nd in Music; 2nd in Economics, 3rd in Lang&Lit, 4th in Art and Math; 2nd place overall in competition
Alex Eagan: 1st place in Science, 2nd in Art; 2nd in Social Science; 3rd Lang & Lit; 4th Music; 4th Economics; 6th Math; 4th place overall in the competition
River Reyes-Boyer: 2nd place in Lang&Lit; 3rd in Music; 4th in Social Science, Speech, and Economics; 5th place overall in competition
Theo Houck: 1st in Interview; 3rd Music; 3rd Art; 7th place overall in competition
Tasha Elizarde: 1st in Language & Lit; 2nd Speech; 8th place overall competition
Thomas Kappler: 3rd in Math; 9th place overall competition
Raven Ward: 2nd in Math; 4th in Speech; 10th place in overall competition
For more details and placements and details about the program, check out our blog:


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