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Graduation Information

Registrar:  Donna Leigh at 907-523-1516 or

Juneau-Douglas High School's graduation ceremony is scheduled for 

Sunday, May 26, 2019 in the JDHS main gym at 7 p.m.  

Graduating seniors will need to check-in at the Auxiliary Gym at 6 p.m. for line up.

For a calendar of graduation important events please 

go to the Graduation Calendar Block.

                               All students must have ALL textbooks returned, 

                        all fines and fees paid before they will receive their tickets.

Each student will receive 10 tickets.  If your family needs more tickets please communicate with other students and families as many families do not use all their tickets. If you still need tickets please check in a few minutes early to the graduation ceremony to check on extra tickets. If you do not need all your tickets please turn them in to the counseling office or at the door before graduation.  Thank you.

If your student will be traveling with a JDHS sports team, their coach will let us know of the student’s sports travel plans and the student will be excused from the graduation practice .  Traveling students may send an adult proxy to the Counseling office to pick up their 10 graduation tickets after 1:00pm on on the Mandatory Practice Day. Again, ALL fees and fines MUST be paid and ALL books must be returned to receive tickets. (We can also hold your student’s tickets at the door on graduation night. Please note again: ALL fees, fines and books must be returned.)

Each graduate will need a matte finish black cap and gown, a red and black tassel and red cords.  For information on cap and gown, please contact:

Campus Photo, Juneau's Josten's representative  or       

                              at 907-789-7486


                            Martha’s Flowers  or

                                at 789-0760.


If you are unable to purchase a cap, gown, cords or tassel for financial reasons, 
please contact the Registrar.




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