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The JDHS J-Bird is a student-led newspaper covering various events within JDHS and the Juneau community. As the voice of JDHS, the J-Bird promotes student engagement and self-enrichment through different forms of writing, artwork, and photography. 

Follow our twitter @JDHSJBird ( and like our Facebook at "The JDHS J-Bird" ( to get fast news and updates on events in the school. Also, check out our website at and/or watch for our monthly paper to read our articles, editorials, creative pieces, and more.

If you like writing, drawing cartoons, photography, editing, or even graphic design, talk to our student advisor.
 J-Bird is currently not functioning but hopes to in the near future.  If you are interested in being advisor for this group please contact our Principal Paula Casperson.

Above Left: Editor Tasha Elizarde (left), J-Bird staff member Laurie Balstad (right).

Above Right: From left to right: Student advisor Ms. Smith, Editor Tasha Elizarde, and J-Bird staff member Gillian Smith.

Poster created by J-Bird staff member Sian Gonzales.
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