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 Richard Moore

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JDHS 19/20 Choir/Orchestra Concert Schedule

Concert- Wed. Sept. 25 7pm JDHS Audit.

Honor Fest- Tues 10/20-22  TMHS, Juneau

All State 11/21-23 (plus travel days), Anchorage, AK

Concert- Thurs. Dec. 11 7pm  JDHS Audit.

Concert- Wed. April 8   7pm JDHS 

Music Fest April 16-18th, Sitka

Concert- Wed. May 13   7pm  JDHS

Singing at the govenors christmas open house

Singing at the Govenors Christmas Open House.

2015 Region V Honor Music Choir Participants

2015 Region V Honor Music Orchestra Participants
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