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Academic Decathlon

6 months ago


Karina Reyes

Check out these links for more on Academic Decathlon.

February 2018

Congratulations to the Academic Decathlon team who competed this weekend at the State level in Anchorage:

Alex Eagan received a Gold Medal in the Honors Category in Science

Gillian Smith received a Gold Medal in the Honors Category in Essay

Janessa Goodman received a Bronze Medal in the Scholastic Category in Math

Theo Houck received a Gold Medal in the Scholastic Category in Speech, a Silver Medal in Interview, and a Silver Medal in Literature

The competition this year was incredibly tough and test scores overall were competitively high but our decathletes never fail to impress me with their dedication to learning and their insistence on having fun in the process.  

We are graduating three seniors this year and the team will miss them terribly.  We need new recruits!! If you are interested in joining Acadeca, please come see Ms. Reyes.  We would love to have you join the team.

December 2017 

Acada-Deca takes on SE Alaska!

Congratulations to JDHS Academic Decathlon Students!  Over the weekend, 65 students from Southeast high schools competed in the Southeast Regional Academic Decathlon Tournament held in Ketchikan on December 1 & 2, 2017.  This year’s theme is AFRICA .  Our students did exceptionally well.  Six JDHS decathletes placed in the top ten of the entire competition.  For this to happen, students needed to be consistently high scorers in multiple subjects: essay writing, literature, art, history, music, science, math, economics; additionally, they needed high scores in their speeches and interviews.   
All JDHS decathletes placed in the top 10 in one or more competitive event. 
  • Alex Eagan  - First Place overall in the tournament; 1st place in Math, 1st in Science; 2nd in Economics, 2nd Music, 3rd in Science, 2nd in Art; 8th in Essay
  • Gillian Smith — Second Place overall in the tournament; 1st place in Art; 2nd in Literature; 4th in Social Science; 4th in Music; 5th in Economics, 5th in Science, 5th in Math; 7th in Speech
  • River Reyes-Boyer — Fourth Place overall in the tournament; 1st place in Interview; 2nd in Art; 2nd in Science; 3rd in Music; 4th in Speech; 6th in Economics; 7th in Math; 8th in Literature
  • Claire Engstrom — Sixth Place overall in the tournament; 2nd place in Art; 2nd in Speech; 3rd in Literature; 7th in Music; 8th in Math
  • Theo Houck — Eight Place overall in the tournament; 3rd place in Essay; 3rd in Music; 4th in Math; 4th in Art; 7th in Economics
  • Nicole Mannix — Tenth Place overall in the tournament; 1st place in Essay; 6th in Speech; 7th in Math; 8th in Music; 9th in Art; 9th in Literature
  • Janessa Goodman —1st place in Speech; 7th in Art; 7th in Econ; 8th in Literature; 8th in Music; 10th in Math
  • Kaitlyn Rapp — 6th place in Science; 6th in Essay; 7th in Math; 8th in Music; 9th in Literature
  • Ramiro Garcia — 5th place in Literature; 7th in Math; 10th in Music; 10th in Science
  • Ethan Gilbert — 10th place in Interview

If you know any of these students, congratulate them when you see them.  If you have questions about the program or know of any student interested in joining the team next year, let me know.  
Karina Reyes
JDHS Acadeca Advisor

Congratulations to ACADECA 2016-17

The JDHS Academic Decathlon team brought home 21+ medals and $2000 scholarship and placed 4th overall in the 33rd annual GCI Alaska Academic Decathlon state competition.  They won third place in the Division 1 super quiz challenge which requires in depth knowledge of all the academic subjects.  Additionally each member received the Fleetwood Achievement Medal which recognizes the school that had the highest percentage of improvement from the previous year’s competition (67% or 14,000 points more than last year!). 

Congratulations to the following students:

In the honors category:

Gillian Smith won $1000 scholarship; silver medal in Literature, silver in interview, bronze in music; iPad mini for top scorer in team 1

Emme MacDonald won gold in Interview

Alex Eagan won gold in Science, silver in Economics, bronze in Social Studies

Janessa Goodman showcased her speech which won a gold in the honors alternate category

She also won a gold medal in math & gold in essay

Raven Ward received an iPad mini for highest scorer in team 2

In the Scholastic Category:

Matthew Woodland won silver in Math

Finn Yerkes won bronze in Science

Tasha Elizarde won gold in Literature, bronze in Art

In the Varsity Category:

Theo Houck won $1000 scholarship; gold in Literature, silver in Speech, silver in Music, silver in Interview

Nowielle Corpuz won bronze in Science


January 2017

Congratulations to the Academic Decathlon team at 2nd tournament of year.  5 JDHS students placed in the top ten for the Southeast Regional Competition held in Metlatkatla this weekend.

First place with a score of 7,050:   Gillian Smith (and the only one to break the 7,000 mark)

2nd place with 6,540 points:  Theo Houck

5th place with 6,165 points: Thomas Kappler

9th place with 6,014 points: Alex Eagan

10th place with 5,952 points: Tasha Elizarde

November 2016

CONGRATULATIONS to the Academic Decathlon team who finished strong in the first Southeast Regional tournament of the season held here at JDHS.  Seven JDHS students placed in the top 10 overall highest scoring student decathlete ranking.
Gillian Smith: 1st place in Essay, 2nd in Music; 2nd in Economics, 3rd in Lang&Lit, 4th in Art and Math; 2nd place overall in competition
Alex Eagan: 1st place in Science, 2nd in Art; 2nd in Social Science; 3rd Lang & Lit; 4th Music; 4th Economics; 6th Math; 4th place overall in the competition
River Reyes-Boyer: 2nd place in Lang&Lit; 3rd in Music; 4th in Social Science, Speech, and Economics; 5th place overall in competition
Theo Houck: 1st in Interview; 3rd Music; 3rd Art; 7th place overall in competition
Tasha Elizarde: 1st in Language & Lit; 2nd Speech; 8th place overall competition
Thomas Kappler: 3rd in Math; 9th place overall competition
Raven Ward: 2nd in Math; 4th in Speech; 10th place in overall competition
For more details and placements and details about the program, check out our blog:


Alpine Club

about 1 year ago


Kurt Dzinich

Alpine Club is for skiers and snowboarders to get out and learn and enjoy the excellent winter activities that Juneau has to offer.  

The club starts sometime in November, with the first outing either being hiking up to Eaglecrest, and/or hiking up to Dan Moller cabin and spending the night.  Then in January, the club begins outings to Eaglecrest for training seminars and enjoying the hill.  

We also travel on some years, with cat skiing in Haines (note, this is not for beginners in the club, only experienced members).  

Meetings are typically once per week in Dzinich room.  

There are guest speakers who come to present to the members.  

We will go until April, assuming the weather cooperates.  

2017 Alpine Club at Dan Moller


about 1 year ago

Art Club meets Mondays in the Art Studios for lunch (bring your lunch first). You can be a member just by showing up and contributing productively! Much of our time in the Spring is devoted to Region V Art Fest, a competitive art-making event. Tryouts for Art Fest will be during the last 2 weeks of February, and Art Club participation counts toward qualification.     


Beyond Fundraising efforts, Art Club is often project based and will hold media workshops on Saturdays and Sundays and after school. You must have a participation form on file to work with us around school hours. And you must have Play for Keeps and pink-slip grades for travel approval to qualify for Art Fest.

  Contact: Heather Ridgway    523-1547

 JDHS Arts website 

April 2017 Art Fest Accolades!!
All three of the pieces Juneau-Douglas High School sent to the Alaska Tsunami NOSB 2017 Ocean Connection Juried Art Show in Seward, were recognized with awards:
Maya Araujo won 3rd place with her Animal Mashup of a turtle and a shark in the Digital/Mixed Media section.
In the Crafts and Pottery section, Laurie Balstad won 3rd place with her Cereal Killer Bowl,and Andyn Mulgrew-Truitt won Second place with her Octopus Mug

.Juneau-Douglas High School's Art Fest team returned from Petersburg Monday with accolades:
JDHS's Ericka Nebert won best of workshop in both Formline on Longboards, with Ronnie Fairbanks, and Alder Spoon Carving with Jon Rowan.
Lily Deitz won Best of Paper Light-Box Sculpture with Anne Leutkemeyer. 
JD's team coach, Heather Ridgway, taught a Leather Mask workshop.  
You can see all the Art Fest team members' work - Capri Potter's, Summer Putman's, Riley Stadt's, Cody Wilson's, Grace Walli's and Mari Bell's - in our Common's Display case!  All team members found challenge and satisfaction in the 4 day event, applying full focus  in hands-on workshops for over 9 hours a day, and enjoying Petersburg's generous community support. Next year's Art fest is scheduled for Craig. Juneau is slated to host Spring, 2019!

ASAA All-State Art Competition awards have been announced. All student work submitted can be viewed on the website:
JDHS took Honorable Mention in Ceramics with Cody Weldon's Komodo Dragon mask; Summer Putman took 3rd Place in Sculpture for her ceramic Greek Theater Expression Mask made with Jennie Rehder's English class; Mason Gallanos took 3rd place with his logo design for Juneau's Stop Heroine Start Talking campaign; and Evan Rodriguez took 2nd place in the Multicultural division for his Great Grey Owl drawing. 

Art Fest 2016-17


First Friday, December The State Farm office across from IGA downtown is hosting a JDHS Student Art Show this coming First Friday!  Stop by after school on December 4th and see what's been selected to represent us! December First Friday is always an exciting community event, and this is a great way to start the festive amble around town. Enjoy free nibbles & sips, take in carolers, and check out all the fresh arts and crafts for sale for the holidays! See you there!

End of Semester Art Show Final Every semester Ms. Ridgway host a student art show as the Final in her art classes. The Show will open Wednesday, December 14 from 1:45pm to 5pm. It will be open for your enjoyment Thursday, 8:45-5:00, and Friday from 10AM - 6pm. Come see what we've been doing all semester inn Ceramics, Drawing 1 and Advanced Studio classes. Don't forget to stop at the office for a Visitor's Pass during school hours. And, you can always check out our latest works in the Common's Display cases, even during the show.

If you’d like to help host Art Fest in Juneau, 2019, by teaching a workshop, organizing the event, or housing visiting students and instructors, please contact the JDHS Art Teacher at



Art Photos! from 2014-15




4 months ago


Amy Bibb


Jazz Band -  meets Zero hour - participation is approved by Ms Bibb.

Wind Ensemble -  4th hour

Concert Band -  1st hour

Pep Band - practices after school, plays at Basketball games and other events.  

Contact Ms Bibb for more information


 JDHS Band & Guitar website:


5 months ago

Varsity Coach

Chad Bentz

Assistant Coaches
Luke Adams
Roger Withington
David Cesar
Chris Dillion

JDHS Baseball Web Site

Basketball Boys

5 months ago

click here for the JDHS Boys Basketball website:



Robert Casperson


2017-18 Region V Champions and on to State!

2018 4A Boys Champions - Region V

2018 4A Boys Player of the Year and 1st Team All-State: Erik Kelly

2018 4A Boys Player of the Year and 1st Team All-State: Erik Kelly

The 2017-18 Season began in Las Vegas, NV. and the team enjoyed some In-and-Out Burgers

JDHS boys at the 2018 Barrow Whaler Invitational Tournament

JDHS 2016-17 Boys Region V Basketball 1st place and now on to State!

2016-17 photos courtesy of Philip Loseby Photography


JDHS 2015-16 Boys Basketball team ASAA 4A State Champs!!

Photo by Klas Stolpe

Congratulations AASA Coach of The Year Coach Casperson !!! (2015-16)

Basketball Girls

about 1 year ago


Lesslie Knight 


Sarah Tarver

Steven Potter 


 2016/2017 Varsity Girls’ Basketball Schedule

Dec. 16-17 Open

Dec. 27-30 Capital City ClassicThunder Mountain, Palmer, Marysville

Jan. 4-5 West Valley

Jan. 13-14 KTN

Jan. 18 @ Chugiak

Jan. 19-21 @ Palmer Tournament

Jan. 27-28 TMHS

Feb. 3-4 Soldotna

Feb. 8-11 @ Diamond Tournament

Feb. 17-18 @ KTN

Feb. 24-25 Open

March 3-4 @ TMHS

Mar. 8-11 Region V @ JDHS

Mar. 23-25 State @ Anchorage

2016/2017 Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball Schedule

December 10 DZ Scrimmage

Dec. 15-17 @ Petersburg

Jan. 13-14 KTN

Jan. 27-28 TMHS

Feb. 17-18 @ KTN

March 3-4 @ TMHS

Games and trips will be added on short notice

A pdf of the above game schedule can be found here at this link

2016/2017 Girls’ Basketball Schedule.pdf





Sadie Tuckwood




Kendyl Carson




Alyxn Bohulano




Caitlin Pusich




Cassie Dzinich




Georgia Robinson




Meghna Bathija




Morgan Balovich




Shaylin Cesar




Skylar Hickok




Chloe McAdams









Sidney Holst




Dessa Gerger




Leah Neyhart




Patricia Enriquez




Sophia Puliafico




Cameron Howard




Mesa Moran




Gracie Lazar




Gabby Price




Abby Meiners




Ariana Connally




Alejandra Panigua-Willis





Lesslie Knight

Assistant Coaches:

Steve Potter

Sarah Tarver

Cheerleading Basketball

5 months ago


Carlene &  Colby Nore


Season: November to end of March

Cheerleading Football

about 1 year ago


Carlene Nore


   2014 Squad


5 months ago


Sign up here to help with Music Fest:

JDHS 17/18 Choir/Orchestra Concert Schedule

Concert- Thurs. Sept. 27 7pm  JDHS Audit.
Honor Fest- Tues 10/24-26
All State 11/16-18
Concert- Tues. Dec. 12  7pm  JDHS Audit.
Concert- Mon. Mar. 14   7pm JDHS 
Concert-Thurs. May 16   7pm  JDHS
Music Fest - April 12-14th - JDHS in Juneau this year!

Singing at the govenors christmas open house

Singing at the Govenors Christmas Open House.

2015 Region V Honor Music Choir Participants

2015 Region V Honor Music Orchestra Participants


about 1 year ago


Shanna Galluzzo

Close Up is the trip to DC and NYC. We have been meeting and the trip is March 24- April 1, 2016. The students are selling tickets to fund raise now.

Close-UP 2016                  

Cross Country Running

about 1 month ago


Merry Ellefson               

Tristan Knutson-Lombardo 

2017-18 Cross Country team is going to State!!

September 30, Bartlett High School, Anchorage

Hi JDHS XC outgoing, ongoing and incoming,

Hope the end of the school year leaves you with great memories, good times, super grades and a sports physical that allows you to participate in fall JDHS XC (physicals are good for one year). A special thank you to our graduating seniors for your unique and important contributions to our team.

Please read this entire email and note the dates/schedule. We will have our parent meeting late July/early Aug as our season starts and finishes fast, on many counts. We have learned that email is the best way to communicate, unless something is urgent, then text/call us.

We're looking forward to laughing together as we gain strength, speed and money this summer:


Friday, June 9th: Summer fun runs: For those of you who are new, we encourage and invite you to join our JDHS XC summer fun runs when you can. These are intended to start/keep those running legs moving, prevent injuries and give us some time to explore various trails and swimming holes around town. ALL ABILITIES WELCOME. We can better help you better reach your personal XC (and human) potential if you run (and/or run with us) during the summer. Runs last about 60-75 min... we'll see who shows up and help you carpool.

Monday, 8AM, Basin Rd (Mt Roberts trail head before the iron bridge)

Wednesday, 5PM, TMHS track

Friday, 5PM, Gastineau School

We will see many of you at Lynn Canal Running Camp July 9-15. There will be no xc runs this week.


July 4th Glenn Frick Memorial Mile fundraiser:  We sponsor our first fundraiser before the Juneau 4th of July parade. Meet at 9:15AM at the IGA. We need runners and families to make/sell treats and manage this race, honoring our long time friend and mentor Glenn. Details to come!

Sunday, July 23rd is our second fundraiser: We will be sponsoring the Great AK Cruises 1/2 marathon/5K out North Douglas, supporting over 120 runners this year (they loved our aid station competition last year!). They make a very generous contribution to our team. Details to come!

The XC Season:

Wednesday, July 26th. JDHS XC Season officially starts. 4-6 in JDHS Aux Gym. You must have a current sports physical to participate (within the last year).

     stay tuned for parent and other JDHS related meetings. here you will receive JDHS forms as well      as our XC information, schedule, how you can help us, fees. 

      week 1 and 2 xc schedule will be emailed prior to July 26th

Aug 2-6: Our annual JDHS XC Yukon retreat: This is a fun week of running, hiking, camping, xc workshops, campfires and crazy dance parties. You will need a passport (or passport card). We need confirmation by July 15th as we purchase ferry tickets. We will remind you.

Season schedule is attached here. We will have a split squad the weekend Sept 2/3, taking female/male Varsity teams (based on attendance, effort, attitude, fundraiser participation and outcome) to the Palmer Invite. 

AND MORE MOre More more:

Please spread the XC word at JDHS and around the various middle schools. You'll be seeing us at your middle schools these next couple weeks as we get the word out on XC.

If you are new and your parent/guardian address is not on this list, please let us know. We want to communicate to those folks, too.

Stay tuned for details on all the upcoming events.  Please forward this email to anyone who may be interested in XC.

2016 runners ONLY: a chunk of you do NOT have your required 4 fundraisers in. If in doubt, we encourage you to contact us and we will help you organize a litter clean-up; this will impact your xc travel in 2017.

 Welcome to the new season, and please contact us if you have any questions, comments, ideas, or gold.

We're excited to support you. T

hanks for running in our village.

Happy Trails,

Merry and Tristan


500 8112  /   723 1772


2017 – 2018


      July 26                                        Season Begins

      August 26                                   @ Juneau                                                                                              

      September 2                                @ Haines

      September 2                                @ Craig

      September 9                                @ Wrangell                                                                  

      September 16                              @ Sitka

      September 23                              Region V @ Ketchikan

      September 30                              State @ Bartlett



Dance Team

5 months ago


Kayla Price


 JDHS Dance Team Website

2017-18 DANce TEAM


Dance Team 14/15

Shanna Galluzzo

Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain combined team.

Drama Team

7 months ago


Michaela Moore

Cricket Curtain

 JDHS Drama Website :


February 2015

This past weekend in Anchorage the drama team became the State Champions of Drama! 

It is a very big competition with ASAA Drama, Debate & Forensics State Competition. 

All 10 students were in the top 4 or above in events that had between 25-32 participants from all across the state of Alaska. 

Individual Awards:
Duet Acting: 3rd Place Medals: Liam Porter-Bell & Liana Porter Bell
                        2nd Place Medals: Brita Fagerstrom & Matthew Woodland
Solo Acting: 4th Place Medal: Brita Fagerstrom
Reader's Theatre: 4th Place Medals: Lydia Smith, Bethany Bibb, Selma Houck, & Keely Ewing
Pantomime Original Creation: 4th Place Medals: Ashleigh Watt & Liam Porter-Bell
                                                       1st Place Medal & State Champions of Pantomime are
                                                                    Brita Fagerstrom, Matthew Woodland, & Kyle Short
Duo Interpretation: 2nd Place Medal: Lydia Smith & Ashleigh Watt


about 1 month ago


Randy Quinto


Phil Isaak - Offensive Coordinator

Al Fenumiai - Running Back Coach

Michael Hutcherson - Offensive Assistant

Emil West - Line Coach, JV Head Coach

Matt Lehrbach - Line Assistant Coach

Trevor Pfaff - JV Assistant Coach

2017-18 Football Pics


2016-17 JDHS Football Team

JDHS Football 2014


about 1 year ago


Luke Adams


Matt Boline

Jay Lloyd  

Michael Garcia

JDHS Hockey Website


Well, it was a great experience for JDHS's hockey team up in Wasilla for their
first ever state tournament!  

They lost to Diamond 9-1 and lost to Colony 8-1, but they played hard and soaked up every second of every game throughout the tournament.  

They did come home with the All-Academic Award! 
I appreciate all the teachers that worked with the student athletes, which allowed them to stay eligible
throughout their challenging season.  

Thanks again and GO BEARS!  

Mr. Bentz JDHS Athletics Director


HOCKEY TEAM 14/15      


over 2 years ago


Andy Bullick

Habitat For Humanity in Florida

Seven students representing each of Juneau's three high schools traveled to Martin County FL over their spring break where they showcased their construction skills and Alaska work ethic while enjoying the sun. 


The students who went on the trip are all enrolled in Career and Technical Education course offerings  and were able to gain new technical skills and develop their employability skills while working 7- hour days doing construction-related work with the Martin County Habitat for Humanity affiliate. 

The students represented Juneau well and accomplished a great deal including the painting of a 8,500 square foot warehouse where the Habitat for Humanity chapter is headquartered out of. 

In addition to working hard, the students had lots of fun and went to the beach and a spring training baseball game. Martin County residents hosted meals for the students twice-daily and spoiled them. 

This fantastic trip was made possible because of the student's families, Juneau School District CTE programs, and Southeast Alaska Building Industry Association.


about 1 month ago


Interact is a service club for 12-18 year olds founded by Rotary International and is sponsored by individual Rotary clubs of the area. Our club, Juneau-Douglas High School’s Interact, is sponsored by Juneau-Gastineau’s Rotary Club.

We help our community through different types of projects like operation Christmas Child and the Sock Drive. Our biggest project, which started in 2003, is the Homeless Awareness Sleep Out. This is where we sleep outside to raise awareness and money for the homeless students of our school district. 

If you would like to join, just come to one of our meetings! We meet in room 235 aka the pottery room (second floor at the end of the left wing) during lunch every other Friday.

You can visit our website at to check the dates of our next meeting. Or, talk to our Rotarian advisor Dixie Weiss in room 120. We can’t wait for you to join!

March 2016

JDHS InterAct collected 158 cans of food for the Food Bank and $200 for the Zach Gordon Youth Center.

The winner of the advisory competition is Mr. Lehnhart's,

and they will be receiving doughnuts this Tuesday for their hard work.


A big thank you to all who participated and donated to the Drive!

Model UN

Karina Reyes
National Honor Society

Jennifer Knaggs

National Ocean Science Bowl NOSB

about 1 year ago


Megan Benhke

March 2016

In a field of 19 teams, Team Krill placed second in the project and second overall.

Team Pier Pressure placed third in the project and third overall. - Ben


Partners Club-Crimson Bears' Kindness Champions

about 1 year ago

The Partners Club® (Crimson Bears' Kindness Champions) is a unique Special Olympics Alaska sponsored, school based program that teams students with and without intellectual disabilities, through social & recreational opportunities and Unified Sports® training & competition.  The Partners Club® program provides opportunities to build student character, increase acceptance of disabilities, develop leadership and other skills in a service-learning environment, and enhance their school community.  It is a program that teaches beyond the classroom and expands students’ social horizons.  

Each Partners Club® determines what activities and events they wish to participate in throughout the school year.  In addition to social and recreational activities, the Unified Sports® that will be offered by Special Olympics Alaska to Partners Clubs® this year will be track and field.  Clubs are encouraged to participate in other sports opportunities outside of those offered by Special Olympics Alaska, but are not required to do so.  Clubs meet on a regular basis during the school day or after school.

Partners Club Coach

Janette Gagnon

Special Education Teacher

Head Coach Track & Field


A happy student.

Partners club activity photo.

Partners club activity photo.
Partners club activity photo.

Partners club activity photo.

Partners club activity photo.

Macaroni and Cheese

Partners Club Member

Partners Club Member

Partners Club Member

Partners Club Member

Partners Club Member

Partners Club Members duo

Community Observation

Saw your students at Foodland today – they appeared to be having a good time and, hopefully, the other customers were as pleased to see them as I was.  Of course, I kept being handed cards because, I think, I was a familiar face.  Everyone looked happy – staff and students.

Kudos to all!


Jane Preston, Care Coordinator

Alzheimer’s Resources of Alaska

Community Observation

Community Observation

Play Productions

6 months ago


Michaela Moore

Drama Website

2017-18 Play Productions

M*A*S*H: November 2, 3, 4 at 7 PM and Nov. 4 at 2 PM
Into the Woods: Feb. 2, 3, 9, 10 at 7 PM and Feb. 4 at 2 PM
Dearly Beloved: May 10, 11, 12 @ 7 PM and May 12 at 2 PM


Into the Woods

Dearly Beloved

     2017-18 Play Productions

Addams Family

2016-17 Play Productions

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Whistle Down the Wind

Junie B Jones

2015-16 Plays Productions

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers                  
 Meet Me in St. Louis             
2015-16 Events:  JDHS Alumni Gives Back: Brita Fagerstrom, who graduated from JDHS last May has come into the JDSH Theatre Departments acting classes for an entire week to conduct a Workshop on Choreography: Story Through Dance.  Brita is now a Musical Theatre Major at Sam Houston State University and has chosen to use a week of her break giving back to her high school by sharing knowledge learned at college.  The whole week was a fun and excellent time in the acting classes at JDHS.  Thank you Brita!
Also, the cast from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers work hard to become a close knit team and family.  Cast bonding opportunities have included a "Get to Know You Santa" where students were partnered up with cast members in an open (not secret) gift exchange to help students get to know others in the cast.  Then, Saturday evening, the cast had a private ice skating party and had a really good time laughing and dancing on ice! 
Michaela Moore


about 1 month ago

Robotics needs an advisor.  If you are interested please contact us at 523-1516.

 First Tech Challenge is a competition where students build robots from scratch, program them, and then compete in a competition that tests the robots they have built.  

 These students do everything on their own. They plan, design, build, and program their robot to do a variety of tasks and they do it as a team. Each person on the team has specific duties to get to our team ready for the big competition where we compete against other robots.

Soccer Boys

about 1 year ago


Gary Lehnhart


Alex Newton

Michael Garcia

Luke Adams

Soccer Team 2015-16
Play Soccer.
Kick that soccer ball.
Great goalie catch.
Purple shirts for cancer awareness.

Soccer Girls

5 months ago


Matt Dusenberry


Joann Quigg

Phil Subeldia

JDHS Girls Soccer Web Site

Student Government

about 1 year ago


Tonja Moser

What it is: A student-run organization that meets weekly to discuss issues within our high school and district to represent our student body's opinions. 

We also organize many school-wide events each year like homecoming, prom, talent show, and graduation.

What time the activity meets/where meetings are held: Every Thursday at lunch in Ms. Moser's room (218), all Thursday meetings are open to public comment.

We don't have a calendar of events but we do have a monthly calendar that is updated in Ms. Moser's room with our upcoming meeting days and events. 

The next major events people should be aware of are:

Talent Show on January 13th and 

Homecoming Week which is January 30th-February 3rd.

If people would like to join for next year, we will be holding elections for the 2017-2018 school year in early May.

ASB-All Student Body
President--Sarah Mertz
VP--Aidan Seid
Spirit Rep--Theo (Selma) Houck
Spirit Rep--Lena Kawakami
Secretary--Laurie Balstad
Parliamentarian--Bianca Egan

Pres--Gabi Kito
VP--Abby Watts
Site Council Rep--Chatham Moser
Rep--Maddie Johnson
Rep--Summer Putnam

Pres--Leah Bibb
VP--Sophia Puliafico
Site Council Rep--Sabrina Jones
Rep--Kenny Morris
Rep--Ana Vanuatu

Pres--Dessa Gerger
VP--Lily Otsea
Site Council Rep--Sahil Bathja
Rep--Erica Hurtte
Rep--Grace Newman

Pres--Noelle Duvernay
VP--Katie McKenna
Site Council Rep--Sadie Murphy
Rep--Natalie Zimmerman
Rep--Sidra Gregoire


6 months ago

Please visit our new website 

Swim & Dive Team

about 1 year ago


Seth Cayce


Josh and Jenna

 JDHS 2015 Swim Team

JDHS 2014 Swim Team

JDHS Girls 2nd Place State Champs


about 1 month ago


Kurt Dzinich


Anne Kincheloe

2018-19 Season Starts soon

Hello Tennis Team!  

Any players returning from last season, practice will start on Monday July 30th, at the club at 8 pm.  The first three days, Monday, Tues, Wed, will be for returning players only.  

On Friday, August 3rd, All players plus All new players who want to come out for team this year practice at 8pm at club.  NOTE:  Mona will be having a "Get Back and Hit" session for all returning players the week before, on wed july 25th and Friday July 27th, at club 8pm.  This will be good chance to get loosened up and swing the racquets and hang out before practice starts monday July 30.  

Look for next email about Parent Meeting at JDHS that is mandatory for all who wish to be on team--probably middle August meeting.  Also, check your sports physical dates!

We are all excited for the Tennis Season to start, so start getting fired up and we see you soon!  Dzinich

The Tennis team starts the first week in August every year.  We practice at the Alaskaclub during the weekdays, with members playing matches on weekends against local Juneau tennis players to improve the team's abilities against real competition.  

There are typically two trips up north to play other teams, to Fairbanks, and to Anchorage.  Then, at end of season, the team heads to Anchorage for the State Championships, first week  in October.  The team plays a "Back to School" tournament in September, usually before first trip to Anchorage for the Anchorage Invitational.  

2015    Congratulations Tennis Team 

5th Place at State and 1st place in the girls doubles


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 Janette Gagnon

2015-16 Track Photo

 2015-16 Track Photo

2015-16 Track Photo

 2015-16 Track Photo

2015-16 Track Photo

2015-16 Track Photo

2015-16 Track Photo

2015-16 Track Photo

2015-16 Track Photo.

2015-16 Track Photo

2015-16 Track Photo.

2015-16 Track Photo.

2015-16 Track Photo.

2015-16 Track Photo..

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2018-19 Volleyball Schedule
 Aug 1                                                  Season Begins

 Aug 17 – 18                                        Open

 August 24 – 25th                                 @ Sitka (Jamboree) 

 August 31 – 1st                                   Ketchikan

 Sep 7 – 8                                             @ Ketchikan

 Sep 13                                                 @ Colony

Sep 14 – 15                                          @ Spiketacular         

Sep 21 – 22                                         @ Mt. Edgcumbe/Sitka

 Sep 28 – 29                                         Petersburg    

 Oct 5                                                   TMHS

Oct 6                                                   @ TMHS

Oct 12 – 13                                         JIVE (JV too)

 Oct 18                                                 @ East (Endowment game)

Oct 19 – 20                                         @ Dimond/Service Tournament

Oct 26                                                 TMHS

Oct 27                                                 @ TMHS       

 Nov 2 – 3                                            Regionals @ Juneau

 Nov 8 – 10                                          State @ Anchorage

2017-18 Volleyball Pictures


Junior Varsity

C Team



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Wrestling is a combined 

Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain High School Team.