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JDHS Principal's Corner

A message from Principal Casperson

We want to first start with a HUGE celebration!  After many months of conversation, advocacy and community support Kalé has been gifted, and accepted, as a Tlingit name for Juneau-Douglas High School.  You will notice the addition to our school name, now reading Juneau-Douglas High School: Kalé as we work to include it on our website, in our classrooms and in our salutations.  This is a celebration that highlights not only our commitment to our place and our history but also is a remarkable example of student action at work!  For those of you looking to practice the full name there is a sound file located on our website.

Remember when we took that snow day in early January?  Typically, our school district does not build in extra days for emergent weather cancellations which means that we are tasked with making up the school day in order to comply with Alaska Statutes.  What that means for you, and your student, is that we will be adjusting the school calendar in order to make up for January 11th. After vetting options for our Pre-K-12 district, the decision has been made to convert Thursday, February 28th from a Parent Teacher Conference day to an instructional day.  March 1st will remain a Parent Teacher Conference day, and we will be available for conferences from 9-12 and again from 1-4. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

Our 8th grade information night was a success and once again we received positive support for our show of academics, athletics and activities.  That evening launched us into our annual course selection nights, and our planning for the 2019-2020 school year. Both as a high school principal and as the parent of an 8th grader making her high school selection, I want to thank all of the staff, students and families who work to support events like these.  In the end I believe that our evening is a showcase of our school and the Crimson Bear pride that we all have.


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