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JDHS Principal's Corner

about 1 month ago

A message from Principal Casperson

While spring in Juneau often brings sunshine and flowers, it also brings with it end of the school year testing windows and, inevitably, some added stress.  As we approach our final month of school one of the end-of-the-year events that takes precedence at Juneau-Douglas High School is our Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) window. MAP is an interim assessment designed to measure student achievement in the moment and growth over time, regardless of grade level.  It’s intended audience includes students, teachers, administrators, and – of course – families! While the Alaska State content assessment is designed to measure students against grade-level expectations, MAP should show individualized accomplishments for your student in Reading, Writing and Math, with growth delineated throughout the year (fall, winter and spring testing windows).  This assessment is one of the best “live-time” options schools have to make curricular adjustments in core areas throughout the academic year. Please help us in encouraging your student (9th and 10th) to do their best in our final window.

May also brings our final push for students to end this school year strong, and to plan accordingly for the upcoming fall.  Course selection nights have long since happened, but that does not mean that if your student needs to make adjustments they cannot. Please help your student by reviewing the choices they made and encouraging them to meet with their guidance counselor should they have an adjustment (or addition!) to make.  Once the school year ends we will be working behind the scenes to create our 2018-2019 master schedule, hoping to fit all of the student choices into our daily bell schedule. It is like one huge jigsaw puzzle with a lot of tiny, tiny pieces…

For your planning please make sure to stay connected to our daily bulletin for instructions on locker clean out, textbook check-in, senior events and the final exam schedule.  

These final five weeks will fly by.

 It is finally spring!