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JDHS Principal's Corner

A message from Principal Casperson

While it is only July, it is already time to begin our planning and preparation for the 

first day of school - August 20th, 2018.  Here at JDHS we are busy working on schedules, the addition of the Juneau Community Charter School to our facility and a deep summer cleaning.  Before you know it, you will be here at Orientation.  Please mark your calendars for the appropriate date and time for your alpha group.  We will be here those days from 

             9-11am & 12-2pm. Students may come either time. 

 August 7th, Tuesday,  is for last names beginning with letters H-O. 

August 8th, Wednesday,  is for last names beginning with letters P-Z.

August 9th, Thursday, is for last names beginning with letters A-G.


One of the exciting things happening this school year is a shift within our enrichment period to better serve all of our students!  We’ve had an enrichment period built into our schedule for more than 5 years now.  The goal of this time has been for students to have access to their teachers during the school day to get extra help, make up assignments, etc.   Students could choose where and how they spent their time.  We’ve recently done some work to analyze if it is serving the needs of our students.  We found that while some students consistently made good use of enrichment time, a great number of students did not.  Thus, we are shifting to a system that maintains the flexibility that staff and students want while increasing the level of accountability.  Enrichment will now be required academic time and teachers will take attendance.  The standard attendance rules will apply and be documented in powerschool.  This time will continue to be Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:15 to 9:45 and students will be able to select where they need to go with some support and direction from teachers and staff when needed.  Please encourage your student to make good use of this academic time!


Finally, inside this packet there is an updated parent opportunities form, advising you of the myriad of ways that you too can be a part of our student’s learning community.  We hope that as you plan for the upcoming school year you will find ways to support our school community.  JDHS values the school to home and home to school connections, and knows that you are each a part of why we are successful! 


Here’s to another great year!


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