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JDHS Principal's Corner

A message from Principal Casperson

One of the new features of the home newsletter, beginning this month, is a column that is written for families by the JDHS Site Council.  Each month the column will focus on a trending issue that we believe impacts the JDHS community – the perfect fit for a newsletter that is designed to keep you, our families, in the know about JDHS.  This month we are encouraging you to have an intentional conversation with your student about academic integrity and academic dishonesty.  While this can be an uncomfortable conversation topic for all we are hoping to engage stakeholders (you, your student, our teachers) in a conversation about “cheating” and its impacts.  Sadly, we are seeing an uptick in cheating at JDHS, across content areas, and including more sophisticated cheating methods.  Anecdotal conversations have indicated that students and adults see this as a pervasive issue, and are at times at a loss for how to address it.  The site council column offers some conversation starters and some community perspective to get you going, in hopes of helping all of us better understand WHAT academic dishonesty is and HOW academic dishonesty impacts our school community and our student learners.  


Now that we are well into the school year our start up energy has been refocused into some data reporting and analysis.  We are working to create a file on our website that will house some of the common data reports that we are asked for annually.  It is our intent to make this file easy to find, easy to read, and easy to ask questions about J  As a part of our continuous improvement cycle we want to make sure that we are engaging all stakeholders in data conversations.  Once the file is completed you will find reports addressing school discipline statistics, school climate and connectedness results, assessment data for MAPS and PEAKS, attendance reporting and graduation rates.  We encourage you to review these items as you are able, digesting just a few of the items that we review to create our annual school improvement plan.  As you explore please make notes of questions you might have, or ah-ha moments, and then send them our way.  Your role in our continuous improvement is vital!


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