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JDHS Principal's Corner

A message from Principal Casperson

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!

There have been some changes over the summer that have created a few new things at Juneau-Douglas High School.  First, we want to extend a warm welcome to the Juneau Community Charter School (JCCS). JCCS and the Juneau School District have agreed to a multi-year lease that has the Charter School now ensconced in the first floor north wing of JDHS.  While there were many structural changes and classroom shifts that needed to happen, we are pleased to report that the transition thus far has been smooth. We are so proud of our Crimson Bear students for their role in supporting this.

The second change, related in part to the Charter School move, is that we have shuffled some parking.  While our visitor spaces remain the same (upper parking lot, center rows) we were also able to double our handicapped spaces from two to four in that same upper lot.  This expansion comes after years of community feedback that two spaces, particularly in the winter, were just not sufficient. These spaces are painted bright blue and have the appropriate signage.  One last reminder, if you are here visiting please make sure to sign in at the main office to ensure that your car is not ticketed by the Juneau Police Department. Please do note that these spots are heavily trafficked during JCCS drop off and pick up times (8am and 3pm respectively).

A final note is in regard to our move forward with our shift in enrichment class periods.  After many feedback cycles we have begun to take attendance during our Wednesday and Thursday enrichment periods (9:15-9:45).  This time is built into our schedule to allow students access to their classroom teachers during the regular school hours. While we have seen a high percentage of our students reporting to enrichment on time to start the year, there are a few holdouts who are, we think, hoping that we will revert our practice.  Please take a moment to remind your student of the importance of on-time attendance and active participation during enrichment. Students are expected to report to a classroom, the library, or room 206. All staff have access to entering attendance for that time, which then translates to our attendance protocols in PowerSchool.  Absences during enrichment have the same impact on attendance and activity participation as absences during the school day. We really want to see 100% of our Crimson Bears taking advantage of this academic opportunity.

As always, thank you for your support of Juneau-Douglas High School.  


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