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Counselors' Corner

Letters Of Recommendation (LORs) from teachers and counselors. 

Below is the process for obtaining one from your school counselors:

  1. Find out if the school requires (vs recommends/suggests) a LOR from your school counselor
  2. Print your letter of request for the LOR and address it to your school counselor
  3. Schedule an appointment through Mrs. Kelly; let her know that it is to request a LOR
  4. Meet w/ your school counselor; we will review the packet of info we need completed by you & explain how to provide us the best information possible so you receive the best LOR possible

Don't request a meeting the week before your application is due
DO schedule your meeting 6-8 weeks before your application is due
Don't miss your appointment(s)
DO reschedule your appointment in advance if you discover you have a conflict
Don't have your parents/guardians schedule your meetings
DO treat these as formal requests and meetings
DO remember to express your gratitude to anyone who writes you a may enhance your next LOR you need for a job, scholarship, internship, etc

The first week of October 2019, Freshmen received the Signs Of Suicide presentation. 

As a prevention curriculum, students are taught to recognize the signs and symptoms of depression and suicide and to "ACT". Acknowledge, Care, and Tell a Trusted Adult.
  • Careline: 1-877-266-4357/HELP: 24/7 help & support available with trained counselors 
  • TEXT: "4HELP" to 839-863  3pm-11pm Tues-Sat
  • TEXT: 741-741
We encouraged all students to put these resources in their phones so they are easily accessible. Parents and guardians, we encourage you to talk with your students; ask them what they learned and who their Trusted Adults might be. Maybe save the above numbers in your phones as well in case you ever need quick access to them for yourself or someone else.

A helpful parent/guardian video on how to respond if you are worried about your student can be found here, from the Mayo Clinic. Teen Suicide Prevention

PSAT and Sophomores

Get Ready for SAT Junior Year
PSAT will be offered October 10, 2018 at JDHS to all JDHS Sophomores and some Juniors who sign up. Students should check in for testing at 9:00 am on Wednesday the 10th at the JDHS gym. Bring a photo ID, a snack and a water bottle.  At the end of January 2019, School Counselors will meet with Sophomores to review their PSAT results. Here are some helpful links that were shared, along with other tips on how to prepare for the SAT for the Spring of their Junior Year.  Please ask your student about this as you prepare for future testing.

If your final college choice is a Common App school, you must notify your counselor before graduation. No Final Reports on Common App will be completed unless we hear from you BEFORE graduation.

Graduation is Coming! 
Have you ordered your Cap & Gown?
Please visit the Graduation section on the website for all details.
If you are unable to purchase a cap, gown, and/or tassel for financial reasons, please contact the Registrar.

Course Request changes 
for Next Year??
If you think you'd like to make a change to the Course Requests you submitted, please see your Counselor or the Registrar ASAP. Better to do it now instead of waiting until August.


Are available on this pdf. Bree and Erin's Law Resources

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